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Visitor Counter Detector

Visitor Counter Detector

The Visitor Counter detector counts the number of people who come and go, at a whole site or within a specific zone of observation. This information can be useful to:

  • retailers, who can use traffic management at their stores, malls, and separate zones within stores and malls
  • banks, who can calculate the number of visitors to their branches
  • hospitality and services establishments, who can count the patrons of restaurants, movie theaters, travel agencies, and more

Management can use this information to:

  • gauge the company's overall effectiveness
  • measure marketing success
  • see the load on customer-facing spaces
  • improve service by adjusting work schedules to coincide with peak visit periods

If you are leasing out retail areas, you receive advantages worth a mention of their own:

  • measure popularity and forecast growth for your mall or other facility
  • determine which leased areas are the most attractive and adjust rates to match

How it works

The video image detection tool counts the number of people who cross from one designated area to another and back. For the detection tool to work, you should:

  • Set two areas in the image.
  • Specify the direction of movement: from area 1 to area 2 is arrival, from area 2 to area 1 is exit (or vice versa).
  • Calibrate the approximate size of a person in the image.

The detection tool notices each movement of an object that fits the specified dimensions, in any direction. The person is regarded as having entered or left, depending on the direction of movement. The detection tool correctly handles situations when several people are moving in different directions at the same time.

The events log in Axxon PSIM is updated in real time with matching Entry and Exit events. If necessary, you can use scripts to get information on the number of people coming or going. You can use web reports to get data for analysis in table or chart form.

AxxonSoft advantage

  • Unlike hardware sensors, the detection tool handles situations when several people walking alongside enter the store, as well as when several people move in different directions at the same time.
  • Counting of the number of visitors is highly accurate as long as the recommendations for camera placement and image quantity are followed (typical accuracy is 97%).
  • The detection tool is a plug-in module for Axxon PSIM, so it is quick to install and easy to configure.
  • Visit statistics can be accessed through web reports (from any Internet-enabled PC) or used in numerous ways in Axxon PSIM through scripts.