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Video Surveillance

Intelligent video surveillance is at the core of Axxon PSIMs power to protect people, facilities,
and assets with greater ease and efficiency.

Axxon PSIM is embedded with our advanced video surveillance module: a powerful engine that
enables live and recorded video monitoring for locations of any size, under any conditions. The system's
distributed architecture allows you to monitor an unlimited number of video cameras and servers, and an
unlimited number of local and remote workplaces - all from a single computer.


It doesnt matter how great the technology is if its not easy to use, its simply not good enough. After all, a
user-friendly interface is what will allow you to access the information youve captured, so you can make fast,
timely decisions, and take action.

Our team of developers paid special attention to the user interface to make sure its easy and intuitive. As a
result, the systems design and ergonomics allow you to operate the system without preliminary training courses.
Its so easy, computer literacy isnt even required!

In particular, three unique functions significantly increase the convenience and efficiency of an operator's

  • Instant access to backup records
  • Simultaneous multi-channel playback of recorded data
  • Easy management of user-specified screen layouts


Axxon PSIMs video surveillance gives you the high performance you want without sacrificing the
image quality you need. The system works with a wide scope of supported video capturing devices, and
advanced compression and processing algorithms allows the system to display and store video data with superb
quality at maximum recording rate.

Unique video processing algorithms ensure optimal performance without burdening bandwidth or draining your CPU's
resources. The multithreading structure of the video module is optimized for highly efficient operation in
multiprocessor systems. The file system is optimized in order to support RAID arrays storing up to 120Tbytes.
And our client-support module provides connectivity to clients systems without increased processor load.


For any security system, reliability is key. Its critical that your system is reliable, stable, and functional
around the clock, every single day. A distributed approach means that Axxon PSIM is highly
reliable and fail-safe if a problem arises in a module or network link, Axxon PSIM automatically
switches over to another functioning server.

Image quality

A video surveillance system is only as good as the quality of the images it captures. The Axxon PSIM system achieves maximum quality for both displayed and stored video by using Philips 7134
decoder-based boards that provide a high horizontal resolution of up to 500 TV-lines.

Unique decoder management technology allows the system to achieve video flow stability at higher recording rates
in comparison with other Philips 7134-based systems.

Advanced MotionWavelet video compression algorithm ensures high quality compressed images at a significantly
smaller file size than other compression algorithms.

Elaborate de-interlacing algorithm removes the "comb" effect at maximum resolution, with no distortion
of objects' edges or decrease of real image resolution.

Network features

You shouldnt have to keep an eye on your video surveillance system. Axxon PSIMs unique networking
features ensure that your system is always connected, reliable and hard at work - everywhere.

Multicasting mode ensures your video flow remains uninterrupted and the servers data channel never overloads even
when there are several clients connected to the server at once. And Axxon PSIMs video gate sends
quality video images from the server to every client in your network, no matter where they are located.

Its easy to protect your data anytime, anywhere. Transfer all your video records, in real-time, from any server
to dedicated backup servers for long-term storage. Plus, the video server and backup servers are easily
accessible at any time.

Capture Boards

Axxon PSIM incorporates the newest innovations in multi-channel video capture and processing
boards. Produced in PCI and PCI-Express formats, Axxon PSIM's capture boards enable video signal
digitizing and streaming into video surveillance systems. Along with real-time monitoring, the boards offer
audio and video recording capabilities on HDDs and other forms of digital media.

Video and Audio Processing

Axxon PSIMs video surveillance module also includes audio recording capability. You can
configure the system to record sound when triggered by an alarm that exceeds a pre-set sound level, to record
audio and video simultaneously, or both. With Axxon PSIM, the choice is yours.

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