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Training in Romania for AxxonSoft partners


AxxonSoft offers end-to-end support for clients, consulting on everything from design and installation of security systems all the way to eventual deployment and ongoing monitoring. To help partners offer the same services to their clients, AxxonSoft provides product training. Kaas Security Enterprise, a partner of AxxonSoft in Romania, recently completed a series of training sessions. Kaas Security Enterprise is one of Romania's leading-edge security firms, with an emphasis on innovation that makes knowledge of AxxonSoft products particularly critical for them. Both the training and the product itself drew praise from the Kaas Security Enterprise staff in attendance:

"We had two days of intensive training. When we started our partnership, our knowledge just scratched the surface of a sophisticated product. The training gave us lots of interesting information. This new knowledge will give us a competitive edge, as we can offer our clients only the very best. We are so thankful for this interesting training session and appreciate the work of the entire team, including Murat Kurshev personally. We look forward to continuing this story together and, with your help, advancing the Romanian security market as a whole,"

- Marian Paraschiv, CEO, Kaas Security Enterprise

For more information on AxxonSoft Partner Training and Certification, please visit Training section of our website.

About KAAS Security

KAAS Security Enterprise a Romanian company that successfully integrated reputed brands into smart security solutions in order to bring an accurate quality response to any identified threat against its customer’s properties.