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New Version of Axxon Smart PRO with Forensic Search Released


AxxonSoft has released version 2.1 of the Axxon Smart PRO video surveillance system. The main innovation in this version is the implementation of the Forensic Search system. The product’s interface was also improved, new localizations were added, and the overall dependability of the system’s operation was increased.

Forensic Search is an innovative system which makes it possible to significantly increase the effectiveness of work with the video archive. It provides the capability to quickly find video recordings in the archive according to user-defined criteria. No preliminary configuration of video detection tools is needed; the search uses data about moving objects in the scene and the parameters of their movement which are recorded to the archive in parallel with the video.

The Forensic Search system implemented in Axxon Smart PRO 2.1 makes it possible to find line crossing events, motion in a zone, loitering of an object in a zone, simultaneous presence of several objects in a zone and movement of an object from one zone to another. The search results can be further filtered by the color and size of the moving object and the direction and speed of its motion.

In addition to the newly-implemented Forensic Search system, Axxon Smart PRO 2.1 has an enhanced video archive access interface. The controls for video recording playback have been improved, the timeline has been made clearer, and the process of selecting a recording interval for export has been made more convenient. Support has also been added for Chinese, Turkish, Serbian and Croatian.

Complete information about the improvements and innovations in this version can be found in the release notes. Distribution files for Axxon Smart PRO 2.1 and the release notes can be downloaded here.

The Forensic Search system is only available in the paid version and the demo version.

The distribution files for Axxon Smart PRO 2.1 include version 3.2.2 of the Drivers Pack package of drivers for IP devices.