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AxxonSoft supports the Epworth aQuellé Mudman community school fundraiser


On the 4th of March 2018, the Epworth aQuellé Mudman took place which was hosted by Epworth School in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal. It was a fun-filled day, and AxxonSoft was there with bells on as a proud sponsor.

As the school’s biggest annual fundraising event, the Mudman attracts a large number of participants every year. Although it is open for all ages, the race is not for the faint-hearted, consisting of a 700-metre swim or 2.5-kilometre paddle through the Msinsi Albert Falls Dam followed by a 20-kilometre mountain bike ride and a 5-kilometre trail run. Shorter distances are also available for younger children.

«We are thrilled and grateful to be able to support the school in this enjoyable fundraiser. It is wonderful to see the community come together. Congratulations to all of the winners and to everyone who participated»,

— said Colleen Glaeser, managing director of AxxonSoft Southern Africa and SADC region.

Glaeser also praised the school for their continual community outreaches and projects, emphasising the importance of being involved in the local community. As an entrepreneur, business sales coach, and motivational speaker, Glaeser strives to participate in local community events whenever possible and is involved in various fundraising initiatives.

Not only does Glaeser have a passion for the community, but she has also brought that passion into the DNA of AxxonSoft SA and SADC.

Although AxxonSoft is a leading security and surveillance software developer, they strive to be involved in their community by participating in events and fundraising opportunities. They also provide intelligent solutions to their customers, and with more than 30 offices worldwide, the company assists governments, institutions and thousands of businesses to protect their most valuable assets. They do this by notifying clients of any repeat offenders and intruders that may enter their premises, in order to manage risks before breaches become incidents.

The Southern African and SADC branch of AxxonSoft has its offices in KwaZulu-Natal and takes its role in the region’s security industry very seriously. It collaborates with partners and clients to combat crime, especially throughout major shopping malls in the country. It is also currently involved in a project in Gauteng which will monitor approximately 60,000 cameras with facial recognition and motor vehicle number plate recognition (NPR) software.

AxxonSoft VMS and PSIM software supports thousands of camera models from leading vendors via proprietary and ONVIF protocols and integrates with ACS, PPS and FSA third-party systems to cover enterprize and SMB security needs across a broad variety of areas, including:

  • Residential and office spaces
  • ATMs
  • Traffic violations
  • Points-of-sale
  • Large events and venues
  • Petrol stations

With the ever-increasing crime statistics across Southern Africa, high-quality security and surveillance software is essential. However, uplifting communities is also crucial as an effective component of crime reduction. This is why AxxonSoft enjoys assisting with fundraisers and projects in the local community in addition to its work in the software development industry.

For more information on AxxonSoft SA and SADC, please contact Colleen Glaeser on:

Suite 13 The Quarry Centre, Quarry Road, Hilton, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa, 3245

Tel: +27 (0) 33 343 5174 (24 hours)
Fax: +27 (0) 33 343 1740
Email: info@axxonsoft.co.za