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AxxonSoft Is Among the First Three VMS Vendors to Support ONVIF Profile M


Axxon VMS (version 4.6.0 Beta) now supports the new ONVIF Profile M standard. AxxonSoft was listed on the official ONVIF website among the first three developers of Profile M conformant VMS.

Released in June 2021, Profile M provides a standard way of communicating metadata and events between analytics-capable devices and services. It supports analytics configuration and information query for metadata, as well as metadata filtering and streaming.

ONVIF Profile M includes interfaces for generic object classification and specified metadata for geolocation, vehicle, license plate, human face and body. In particular, metadata can be used to tag objects in a video feed, which helps detect intrusions and other events of interest in real time, accelerate video searches, and represent analytical data, e.g., to heatmap motion intensity in a scene.

The cases for using Profile M event handling interfaces comprise visitor statistics, crowd control, visitor management or queue management through people counting analytics, and vehicle access control via license plate recognition.

Seamlessly integrated AI video analytics is a key advantage of the Axxon VMS. On top of Profile M, Axxon VMS can receive analytics metadata and events from various smart cameras and other conformant devices, facilitating the use of video analytics in security and business intelligence applications. Using smart cameras along with Axxon VMS’s AI video analytics helps extend workloads across servers and edge devices, which enables building more flexible and cost-effective intelligent video solutions.

AxxonSoft has always been ahead of the curve in terms of integrating the latest technologies. The company was the first VMS developer to support ONVIF Profile G in 2015 and ONVIF Profile T in 2019. Now, the Axxon VMS is ONVIF Profiles S, G, T, and M conformant.