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Eko Hotel & Suites Chooses Axxon PSIM to Ensure Effective Site Security

A security system powered by AxxonSoft’s public safety solution was installed at Eko Hotel & Suites in Nigeria, strengthening the hotel’s commitment to guest safety and property protection.


AxxonSoft is expanding its customer base for video surveillance products across Africa, including West Africa. An example of this is a security system powered by AxxonSoft’s public safety solution implemented at Eko Hotel & Suites in Nigeria.

Eko Hotel & Suites is a popular accommodation site for guests and tourists in Lagos, which with a population of over 7 million is the most populous city in Nigeria. The hotel is on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, a ten-minute ride from the city center and 45 minutes from the international airport.


At Eko Hotel & Suites, comfortable and chic accommodations combine with a rich range of additional services and features for guests. The hotel draws both tourists and businessmen, as well as companies, which regularly conduct conferences, seminars, and meetings at the compound.

For a site of this kind, effective protection is a critical issue: the reputational risks of poor security are enormous, and planning is required for maintaining client loyalty on the highly competitive hospitality market in case of any emergencies or accidents. That is why hotel management decided to install a security system at the hotel to ensure effective site monitoring and high-quality post-event investigation to prevent incidents and, if any occur, resolve them efficiently.

Eko Hotel & Suites

Guardia Systems

Axxon PSIM


Features & Analytics
General surveillance, failover service


Axxon PSIM platform was chosen as the software to integrate the system at Eko Hotel & Suites. The security solution was developed for the client in collaboration with Guardia Systems, a long-time partner of AxxonSoft in West Africa and a leading regional vendor of professional systems for security, video surveillance, and fire and IT threat protection.

The compound consists of two buildings, one 12 floors tall and the other 9 floors tall. The PSIM-based solution developed for Eko Hotel & Suites includes two servers, several remote workstations for operators, and 165 IP video public safety cameras. Cisco and Arecont Vision video hardware was chosen for the task. Video coverage includes both indoor and outdoor areas.

Centralized Control and Monitoring Center

The system is controlled from a special room inside the hotel building. In this local monitoring center, eight workstations with 42" LCD screens run Axxon PSIM and enable performing video-related tasks. Video is recorded to two storage servers located in the hotel’s IT center. Security staff can access the recorded video to quickly find the relevant video fragment in case of an incident.

Results and Benefits

By deploying the advanced system featuring law enforcement software solutions and public safety cameras, Eko Hotel & Suites has provided its staff with the tools they need to effectively prevent theft and carefully monitor all suspicious movements and potential hazards. The system deployment, configuration, and operation have all fully met the needs of the client.

“When selecting physical security information management (PSIM) software for our client, a premium-class hotel complex, we kept in mind the different types of hazards they face: theft, vandalism, intrusion, and other threats to the peace and safety of guests and employees. So, we needed a solution with powerful video analytics, including real-time detection tools and quick search of recorded video. That’s how we knew that Axxon PSIM would be the perfect choice. We were also delighted to see Axxon PSIM’s support for remote management, simplicity in configuration and administration, and ease of installation. By building an PSIM-powered security system, we were able to satisfy the client and meet all of their security needs.”

— Gbenga Eromosele, engineer, technical team lead, Guardia Systems

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Guardia Systems was founded with the aim of protecting assets and bringing full control to corporations and consumers on a global level. The company is now the leading provider of complete Fire Protection and Security Systems, IT, Low Current, Integrated and Home Automation Solutions and has a rich portfolio across the region. Established in 2000, Guardia Systems enjoyed a period of rapid expansion and now holds a strong presence in the Middle East and Africa via its regional offices in Lebanon, Iraq, and Nigeria. Guardia Systems provides customized and unique solutions to fit every client’s current and future needs. The company differentiates itself with a partnership approach towards clients and a methodology based on a true understanding of the current market, combined with anticipation of future needs and the ability to provide the right solutions with the right technology.