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AlbChrome company’s ferrochrome plants in Albania are under protection of AxxonSoft VMS

Video surveillance system based on AxxonSoft VMS has been installed at two plants of AlbChrome – the largest chromite and ferrochrome producer in Albania.


AlbChrome produces premium chromite and ferrochrome (alloy of chrome and iron). Since 1948 this company has been the largest chromium producer in the region. In autumn 2015 MetalBulletin – British magazine writing about metallurgical industry – ranked AlbChrome in the top 5 most quality producers of ferrochrome in the world.


Synapse ATS is an ICT Service and Solution provider, with a wide technology and business knowledge. Its expertise includes networking, IP telephony and collaboration, physical security, data centers and structured cabling.


Video surveillance system with several cameras has already been installed at one of ferrochrome plants in the city of Elbasan. However, the current system has experienced lots of performance and stability problems. That became a serious issue for AlbChrome management as the plants represent a complex industrial area which houses valuable raw materials as well as end products. Moreover, another AlbChrome’s plant in Burrel needed a video surveillance system to be installed. In order to build a reliable and stable video surveillance system and resolve current issues the client addressed local system integrator - Synapse ATS.


Synapse ATS suggested using a next-generation open-platform video management software – Intelligent VMS by AxxonSoft. 

First of all, the AxxonSoft VMS replaced the existing one at the plant in Burrel. At that time there was only 2 Mbps was only 2 Mbps wireless internet connection at the site and integrators had to use it to stream video to a central monitoring center. They were immensely impressed by the fact that even using this low-speed connection they managed to get video from 36 cameras. Moreover, Axxon One UI appeared to be intuitive for security professionals. The flexibility of system configuration enabled easy and fast displaying of desired video streams.

Local servers with the AxxonSoft VMS connected to a single domain are now installed at both ferrochrome plants – in Burrel and Elbasan. One client machine to monitor local cameras was installed at each site as well. Video from all cameras is transmitted in a real time mode to the monitoring center in Tirana where it is displayed on the video wall consisting of 4 x 40-inch LED screens. Altogether the AxxonSoft Intelligent VMS handles 72 cameras covering an area of 100,000 square meters at each plant.


AlbChrome representatives were looking for easy to use and easily extensible software capable to provide stable operation of a distributed security system with cameras from different manufacturers. The Axxon VMS meets these requirements – the system has been working flawlessly since its installation. Both the client and partner were impressed by excellent price-quality ratio offered by AxxonSoft. Free built-in video analytics tools significantly help to optimize and automate the surveillance system for better performance.

“Whether it is a simple video surveillance system with several cameras or a large-scale complex system - we will always choose AxxonSoft. This product delivers enterprise-level security controls even to small companies. We have been engaged in installing various video surveillance systems in Albania, but we have never seen such a reliable and powerful system as the AxxonSoft VMS, “

- Bernard Toci, CEO of Synapse ATS

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"Because the system is so visual, even those who are unfamiliar with computers can operate the system. This was a key advantage because it allowed us to equip our many regional branches with the same system."

Oleg Pronko, Chief Specialist of the Technical Security Section of Security Department, Raiffeisen Bank Aval

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